Sieg Heil! To Christopher Badeaux` Book Burning
October 10, 2010, 05:52 AM
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In the current climate, it was pretty brave of anyone to say anything nice about the late Joe Sobran, so I was impressed to see Ben Domenech`s obituary post on The New Ledger, even though it concluded with the usual "Weave a circle round him thrice/ And close your eyes with holy dread" wimpishness about Joe`s alleged anti-semitism.

And I thought it was really quite decent of Domenech to say:

I am sad about Joe Sobran. He was a brilliant fellow in some respects, but he lost himself to darker things. So, in much the same way I will be sad when Pat Buchanan inevitably passes, and Peter Brimelow, and yes, Andrew Sullivan... I am sad tonight for what this man could have been, and what he instead chose to be.

Thanks a lot, Ben! And the same to you! (Why Andrew Sullivan? Dunno, but I don`t move in fashionable circles up here in rural New England.)

The comment thread that follows this post says a lot about contemporary Righteous Right thought, or emotion. Of course, Domenech`s comments drew in Sobran defenders. And, of course, their comments were deleted ("cliche apologia for anti-Semitsm redacted") by "a moderator". I presume this moderator was a New Ledger editor called Christopher Badeaux because he then posted self-righteously:

Hi there. Just to save you the "cowards-you`re-afraid-of-the-truth-hiding-behind-your-moderating-your-website-sucks-I`m-taking-my-ball-and-leaving" rant: We don`t care. We don`t provide free bandwidth for people who "speak needed truths" (and synonyms thereof) about the Jews. You know how it is. Let one dancing anti-Semite in, you end up with truthers, VDare transplants, and Little Green Footballs commenters.

(Why Little Green Footballs? Isn`t that Politically Correct too? Dunno again.) Despite the moderator`s self-serving control, the New Ledger`s readers obviously didn`t like this approach and were able to give it a good booting. At one point, a gifted poster called "Klejdys aka Gamblor" wrote:

Sorry, just saying "Pete Brimelow is a racist," doesn`t necessarily make it so. Please provide some evidence for your conclusion.

and Badeaux responded:

I don`t link to hate sites. You`re welcome to explore VDare-dot-com at your convenience. I`d suggest being prepared to scrub your brain in lye afterward.

As it happens, what you would have scrub from your brain most recently was Ed Rubenstein`s analysis of Friday`s unemployment numbers, demonstrating from government data that immigrant displacement of American workers is reaching new highs. Manifestly, this is not "hate" and Christopher Badeaux is a fool.

At VDARE.COM, we don`t give a fig that opponents won`t link to us: in the age of the internet, and given the searchworthy subjects we cover, it`s a futile gesture. But my question to Badeaux: what`s the difference between refusing to link to an intellectually challenging website and the book-burning associated with You Know Who?

Sieg Heils to Badeaux here.