Classic blog from Hoosier Nation
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Peter Brimelow keeps growling at me that the best blogs are short, and Jake Jacobsen at Hoosier Nation has come up with a classic example:

Friday Afternoon Mind Puzzler!

This list supposedly represents the five societal trends that show America is in a decline...

” National poverty is higher now than in all 51 years of record keeping. ” There is an increasing number of high school drop-outs. ” The American workforce is steadily becoming less educated. ” Four of out of every ten births in America are to unmarried women. ” Only 53% of Americans pay federal income taxes.

Here's the puzzler: which of these things isn't related to illegal immigration & out of control legal immigration and the attendant demographic and racial changes they have brought?

The blog concludes with six incisive further lines and three more links.

Note that the blog from which the list is drawn took 1,327 words not to reach the same conclusion. The author of it

served on the McCain Ad Council during the 2008 McCain campaign

Jake Jacobsen’s blog at Hoosier Nation is of course the new platform for the former operator of the Nation of Cowards blog, which did such wonderful work.


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