Sheriff Babeu Warns of ICE Fostering Illegal Alien Criminality
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On Tuesday, I reported about the administration’s negligence regarding foreigner crime: Arizona Sheriff Condemns Feds for Irresponsible Release of Dangerous Aliens into American Communities. Sheriff Paul Babeu held a presser where he explained the increased lawlessness that the government is now promoting by its criminal-friendly policies toward illegal aliens. Citizens should be furious that public safety is being ignored by the Obama administration, and polling suggests many Americans have been paying attention.

On Thursday, Fox Business’ Stuart Varney was appropriately shocked that violent foreign criminals are routinely released into America by the feds. Yes, it is truly appalling that Washington and its liberal cronies at the local level believe importing a future Democrat majority is worth the harm innocent Americans suffer.

VARNEY: Sheriff, have I got this right, that you arrested people for an offense, but you had to release them because they were foreigners — is that accurate?

BABEU: Well not just that. That happens all the time in my county and the state of Arizona and in fact throughout America. When it comes to immigration law, it appears there is no law because there’s no consequences. And what’s happened in the last two years alone, Stuart, that 67,000 of the most violent criminals in the Western Hemisphere, members of the cartels, people who are kidnapping people, raping them, murdering them — hundreds and hundreds of them that are being released into our community. And I pointed out three just this week that were released: one from Sudan, one from Iraq, one from Russia, all tried and convicted of both kidnapping numerous aggravated assaults in numerous states and also two of them were convicted of murder and they were released into my community here in Arizona.

VARNEY: Who released them? Was it the feds who released them?

BABEU: Absolutely. And this is ICE, and you know what their answer what was, the reply to demands of sheriffs? Half of the sheriff here are Democrat, half of us are Republican and we stood in unity saying this is outrageous that you’re releasing murderers who are not citizens of America into our communities and what do you think’s gonna happen? You don’t have to be the frickin sheriff to think that these people are going to kidnap people, are going to murder people and they’re going to rape them. We should send them back to their countries where they’re from.

VARNEY: Were they convicted of these crimes in America?


VARNEY: And then they went into the custody of the feds, and the feds released them into your county where you have jurisdiction? That happened? I can’t believe this kind of thing goes on.

BABEU: It does go on. If you and I were convicted of this crime we’d have to serve 85 percent of our sentence. These illegals only have to serve 50 percent of their sentence; they’re turned over to ICE. ICE releases them almost the same day and the lame excuses they’re saying is that there’s no legitimate travel documents for these illegals from Russia, Sudan and Iraq and therefore they’re being released.

Not one of these 67,000 criminals that they’ve released in the last two years alone have legitimate travel documents because they’re here illegally. What what do these people not understand?

VARNEY: Sheriff I’m afraid we gotta go but thank you very much indeed for bringing us this. . .

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