Sharron Angle, Asians And Hispanics
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This comment ranked as insensitive on Harry Reid's Hatemeter, according to Washington Watcher:

"Unfortunately, Angle has done a little bit of pandering herself, by releasing Spanish language ads. Her "At Your Expense" TV spot featured images of people crossing the border, but when asked if they were Hispanic, she tried to claim that she was so-colorblind that she couldn’t identify races, telling an audience of Hispanic students "Some of you look a little more Asian to me."

This has led to a flurry of attacks from Reid, the DNC, and Hispanic groups calling her insensitive or worse. [Harry Reid blasts Sharron Angle on ”Asian’ comment, by Molly Ball, Politico, October 19, 2010]"

Now, telling minorities that race isn't important to you doesn't help, since it is, as I have written "right up there with oxygen" on their list of priorities. However, she's right—since the majority of Mexican illegals are of at least partly Indian descent, they do look kind of Asian.

To illustrate what I mean by this, Mexican actor Alfonso Bedoya, the bandit who didn't need any "stinking badges" in The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre,(1948) played a character called Lu Chung in The Black Rose,(1950) while Yul Brynner, a native of Mongolia, played Pancho Villa and Sabata with the same panache he brought to the role of the King Of Siam.

She also said, which struck some people as weird, " I’ve been called the first Asian legislator in our Nevada State Assembly." A reporter had told Angle, who is white,  she looked Asian, and do you know, in a Google image search, I can totally see that. To go back to Hollywood, she looks more like Shirley Maclaine as a geisha than an actual Asian, but it's true.

However, it's pointless to deny that illegal immigration in Nevada is largely a Mexican problem. To confuse the issue even more, as Steve Sailer pointed out, there are 40, 000 Filipinos in Las Vegas, all of whom vote Democratic. They really are Asian...with Hispanic names.

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