Sets of Eight and "December Decorations": Celebrating Christmas, Mexican-Style
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If there’s one thing John McCain and the President-select now calling himself “Barack Hussein Obama” agree on, it’s the need to abolish the border and meld with Mexico, even though anyone explicitly stating the idea is hooted down as a “nativist,” “xenophobe,” booger-eater, etc.

As Brenda Walker wrote on Christmas Eve, illegal immigrant Mexicans in America have developed a Christmas celebration, “Las Posadas,” in which they pervert the story of Jesus’ birth, in order to serve invader propaganda.

On the other side of our increasingly virtual border, Mexicans have another sort of Christmas celebration. As preparation for what is to follow, keep in mind that Mexican drug smugglers have their own patron saint and an entire popular culture of song, that is, when the troubadours aren’t being murdered by Mexico’s “Really Tough Music Critics.”

TUXTLA GUTIERREZ, Mexico — Eight bodies were found stuffed in plastic garbage bags and dumped on a rural road near the Guatemalan border in an area plagued by drug violence, authorities in southern Chiapas state said Tuesday.

The victims have yet to be identified, but police believe they may include Mexicans, Guatemalans or Colombians.

A state Justice Department official who was not authorized to be quoted by name said the bodies were discovered by a farmer. At least one had bruises and marks indicating he may have been tortured.

The bodies were found near the town of Tuxtla Chico, about 55 miles (90 kilometers) south of another border settlement where Mexican and Guatemalan drug traffickers engaged in a series of gunbattles that killed 17 people last month.

Brutal slayings by drug cartels are on the rise in Mexico, and officials estimate that more than 5,300 people have died in organized crime-related slayings this year.

On Sunday, the decapitated bodies of eight army soldiers were found along an urban boulevard in the southern state of Guerrero.

In a press statement on Tuesday, Mexico's Defense Department slammed what it called "inappropriate and hurtful" comments on the soldiers' deaths.

While the department did not specify what had offended it, one Mexican newspaper ran an editorial cartoon Tuesday titled "December Decorations" that showed the hand of a drug trafficker hanging severed heads with military-style haircuts on a Christmas tree as if they were ornaments.

[8 bodies found in plastic bags in southern Mexico, by Manuel de la Cruz, Houston Chronicle/Associated Press, December 24, 2008]

Christmas ornaments.

Excuse me, “December decorations.” (A War Against Christmas sighting below the Rio Grande: You don’t mess with narcoterrorists, but Christmas is a safe target.)

“Obama” and “McCain” both seek to satisfy The Nation Formerly Known as America’s dire need for more such vibrancy, family values, and devout Christianity.

I hope Manuel de la Cruz’ failure to suppress the Bad News of diversity doesn’t land him on the enemies’ list of the SPLC, which could result in his being targeted by its subscribers, country music scholar Max Blumenthal (also here), Herr Keith Olbermann, Alex Altman, et al.

Eight tips ‘o’ the headless hat to Blog of the Gods, and another eight to latté island, where I first came across these sad tidings.

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