Barack Hussein Obama To Take Oath Of Office With All Three Names
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Barack Hussein Obama has announced that he's  going to take the oath of office with all three names, (as anticipated by this blogger) and you can watch Ann Coulter demanding an apology from Alan Colmes here. Colmes had complained about Coulter's using  Hussein's middle name, (she likes to call the President-elect B. Hussein Obama) and Colmes is still defending his whine on the grounds that her intention was wrong.

Of course, her intention was to remind ordinary Americans that they were thinking of electing a guy named Hussein, which is a legitimate point. [See Why Barack Hussein Obama's Middle Name Matters, by Steve Sailer.] After all, what kind of message do you think it sends to the Muslim world to elect a guy named Hussein?

Of course,  McCain's campaign tried to prevent normal Americans from mentioning any such thing—a Google search from McCain and Hussein


The last one refers to radio host Bill Cunningham, who was denounced by McCain for mentioning "Hussein" in an introduction, and decided not to support McCain anymore. Apparently a lot of people felt like that.

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