Senator Cornyn Deflates DREAM Disinformation
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On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, chaired by Dick Durbin, held a hearing to promote the DREAM Act. See written witness statements here. Senator Durbin cooed that perhaps an illegal alien would become President someday, which tells you where he is coming from.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX, career immigration voting grade B) did a good job of quizzing useless DHS honcho Janet Napolitano, who expressed the administration position that comprehensive amnesty is the plan. Like previous versions, the current DREAM cuts an undue amount of slack to people who have broken the law beyond illegal entrance. Previous DREAMs have been fraud friendly, such as having no identification requirement for applicants.

However, Senator Cornyn’s suggestion that every foreign graduate of a US university get a work visa is wrong-headed to say the least. Public policy should encourage the education of American young people, not aliens. Education analysts wonder why US students pursue law and business degrees, but they are behaving rationally within a system that imports thousands of H-1b visa holders annually in science, engineering and IT. Cornyn is also naive for not understanding the espionage threat posed by foreign students, some sent from Red China et al for long-term burrowing.

BTW, the DREAM Act has a snowball’s chance in this Congress, but the open borders gang wants to be stroked periodically by their Democratic pals to show the love in hopes of eventual reward.

That said, I’m not convinced that a future Republican President won’t embrace the DREAM Act as a ”reasonable” compromise to pick up some imaginary Hispanic support. Well paid political advisors hector candidates on the advisability of diverse outreach (aka Hispandering), but such amnesties rewarding lawbreakers are futile attempt to hold off the demographic tsunami that is unfriendly to values of law and borders.

Below, DREAMers dressed as graduates marched around Hollywood last year.

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