Self-Deportation: An Old Friend Gets To Speak!!!
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These Republican debates are proving a great benefit to the nation. The latest example is the flurry of interest in the crucial self-deportation/enforcement through attrition concept. This has even won some ink for our old friend and occasional contributor Dave Gorak:

Added Dave Gorak, executive director of the Wisconsin-based Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration: "Gingrich's calling Romney's support for ‘self-deportation’ a ‘fantasy’ is disingenuous at best.” He added, “It's a simple concept that's been advocated for years and is based on enforcement of our immigration laws that includes requiring employers to use the federal E-Verify program. In Arizona, for example, the illegal population has declined 17 percent since that state took steps to protect American workers. In areas where E-Verify is mandatory, it is not a ‘fantasy’ that illegals are leaving voluntarily."

Gingrich, Romney Scrap Over Latino Vote in Florida by Erin McPike Real Clear Politics January 26, 2012
(Page 2 - Dave’s website is here)

News aggregator Real Clear Politics is painfully conventional in its range of eligible sources, but given that context it is very enterprising in its selections. And some of its original editorial content is excellent, notably Erin McPike’s.  Her essay The GOP and Race: The Perils of Unseating a Black President was the foundation for my "Hitler’s Revenge” Paralyzing GOP Hopefuls As Obama Plays Race Card

Once the Republicans settle on which disappointing and inadequate specimen to nominate, this issue will return.

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