To The Moon, Newt!
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So Newt wants an American colony on the moon.  This is the logical culmination of his open-flood immigration stance.  Where else will American citizens have to go?
And he calls Romney's self-deportation idea an "Obama-level fantasy."  Right.  The moon talk is going to earn him the moniker of Speaker Moonbeam.
Still, "Obama-level fantasy" is a nice turn of phrase.  It points up his rhetorical technique, which is based on the popping of well-chosen "power words", I'll call them.  It's been noted that he's a fan of "frankly" — "Frankly" gets our attention because he wants to telegraph that he's about to tell us a bold truth that nobody else will tell us, so brace yourself for an unloading of brilliance.
Same for "clearly", as in "President Reagan is clearly failing."  You need not bother disagreeing, because he's "clearly" failing.
I couldn't help but chuckle when he tweeted that endorser Chuck Norris would make a great "Secretary of Attack."
He's basically following his own memo from the 1990's about the power of words—see'Language: A Key Mechanism of Control', a GOPAC memo he distributed.
He's right about this.  Certain words stick in people's heads.  They've got the power to re-channel entire debates.  We can learn from Newt Gingrich on this just as every conservative or immigration restrictionist should read Saul Alinsky's "Rule for Radicals."
On a personal note, as a white advocate, I note that the ultra-power phrases of "racism", "white supremacy", etc. aren't yet matched by counterparts.  But they should be.
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