Secession: Yes, Marc Thiessen, A Divorce Would Be Great
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AEI's Mark Thiessen, a former Bush speechwriter, surely feels chesty and responsible calling for American togetherness:
America is on its way to divorce court: Marc A. Thiessen,, June 23, 2017
Problem is, we're beyond the point of patching the marriage up.

Because it's ceased being a voluntary association, as most marriages are.

It never really was all that romantic to begin with: whites ventured forth, and killed off Indians to forge a home, leaving a few stragglers on reservations. Blacks were dragged here from West Africa. The differences were, and remain, irreconcilable.

But immigration explosions pushed the situation to the breaking point.

It is difficult to imagine how the multiracial morass we now find ourselves in can be sustained. Whites will either find themselves in unbearable Brazil/South Africa-type scenarios, or move toward some kind of political/cultural/geographic self-determination.

I prefer the latter.

The problem with "let's all come together" exhortations is that they're faux statesmanship. They completely ignore the very real differences that *actually* divide us. It's like penning up a giraffe and a hippo and being shocked to discover they aren't mating.

I don't want unity with Muslims. I want them to leave. I don't want to share the road with drunk driving illegals from Mexico. I want them deported.

I want to raise my children in a country where they aren't forced to stand and apologize for their "white privilege" in school.

The true statesman will acknowledge all this, and work toward the divorce we all so desperately need. Divorce isn't actually such a bad comparison: it's a legal remedy that recognizes that the sacred bond of marriage can get so screwed up that it needs to be dissolved. It divvies up property peacefully, and lets the spouses part without killing each other.

The Declaration of Independence, after all, was a complaint for divorce.

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