Saturday's One Old Vet Amnesty News Collection 21 (New). Drudge 1 (Old).
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Today’s One Old Vet Amnesty news compendium totals 21. Several other important stories are posted individually, notably Obama to Drastically Cut Immigration and Border Security Budgets about which OOV comments

Obama’s decision to drastically cut the budget for immigration enforcement and border security is EXACTLY why we can’t trust the political hacks with doing the right thing when it comes to “reform”. If the government won’t enforce our laws and secure our borders NOW, what makes anyone think they will do it AFTER they pass another amnesty?

Overall, the stories are unpleasant reading. Word has obviously gone out in the MSM for stories of elected Republicans changing sides, no doubt with the purpose of stampeding the rest. Thus Republicans scramble for the center on immigration by Nicholas Riccardi US February 8, 2013 starts with a celebration of the successor to Tom Tancredo going wobbly in a gush of mawky sentimentalism. (While the specimen in question, Tom Coffman, has a fine NumbersUSA ranking, I am not aware he ever signed any of the dissident Bills.)

Opponents of Amnesty are usually excluded from these accounts of course but the above story did allow Mark Krikorian a little space:

"All of their campaign consultants are telling them that the end is near if they don't change," said Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, which advocates tighter immigration restrictions.

Of course they are. They have ADD. They see Amnesty support is where the money is.

The Drudge Report has no new stories, but has at least left up the one I noted last night. Possibly orders are that the demoralization effect warrants it.

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