San Francisco Supervisor David Campos (A Former Illegal!) Wants To Shelter Illegal Youths From Immigration Authorities
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San Francisco is reaching for new depths of depravity, as Supervisor David Campos is seeking to expand the city's illegal alien criminal protecting sanctuary law.

A San Francisco supervisor's proposed legislation would make it more difficult for officials to hand over undocumented youths suspected of crimes to federal immigration authorities, a policy that, if approved, could have far-reaching impacts.

The proposed law would require that juvenile suspects be convicted of a felony before San Francisco officials contact federal immigration authorities—unless the suspect is charged as an adult.

Currently, immigration authorities are contacted at the time of a felony arrest—a change implemented last year by Mayor Gavin Newsom after the city's sanctuary city policy made national headlines. Newsom's change angered many in the city's immigrant community. [...]

San Francisco's sanctuary city ordinance, created in the late 1980s for refugees fleeing Central American civil wars, made headlines last year after The Chronicle reported that the city was shielding young felons from deportation. In one of the most high profile cases, Edwin Ramos, 22, who had been arrested for several felonies as a youth but never referred to immigration officials, was arrested and charged with the 2008 slayings of Tony Bologna and his two sons. [New sanctuary proposal on protecting youths, By Marisa Lagos and John Cot?©, San Francisco Chronicle,August 18, 2009 ]

Notably, the Supervisor himself was (or is) an illegal alien, as he helpfully specified on his official Supe website. So he is standing up for his tribe of foreign lawbreakers, not the residents of the city.

Here's a reminder of the Bologna triple murder case, in which a previously arrested gangster was coddled by San Francisco and allowed to go free and kill.

Interestingly, a poll taken in San Francisco last year after it was revealed that the city had shielded Honduran crack dealers from justice showed the a large majority (79%) of residents wanted the lawbreakers turned over to federal authorities.

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