SALON: When Whites Complain About Displacement, It’s "Whining", But Black Concerns About "Gentrification"...
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Salon reports that Tucker Carlson, who says a lot very good things, is a whiner. The headline over its piece accusing Carlson of being a white nationalist, without actually saying so, is this: “Tucker Carlson parrots white nationalist rhetoric after whining about “demographic replacement.”

You needn’t read the rest of this silly screed to know how bad it is, but anyway, when blacks and others worry about being displaced, that’s OK.

Here is a few lines from a piece in The The New York Times in 2011 about Washington, D.C.’s black population becoming a minority:

This city, the country’s first to have an African-American majority and one of its earliest experiments in black self-government, is passing a milestone.

Washington’s black population slipped below 50 percent this year, possibly in February, about 51 years after it gained a majority, according to an estimate by William Frey, the senior demographer at the Brookings Institution.

The shift is passing without much debate, but it is leaving ripples of resentment in neighborhoods across the city, pitting some of the city’s long-term residents, often African-American, against affluent newcomers, most of whom are white, over issues as mundane as church parking and chicken wings.

“You can’t help but look around and see the face of the community changing before your eyes,” said Tom Sherwood, co-author of “Dream City: Race, Power, and the Decline of Washington, D.C.

He added, “That can be an uncomfortable feeling, and you’re going to have some people acting out, expressing their concern in racial code words.”

So when whites express concern about becoming a minority in the country they founded and built, that’s “whining.” But when blacks express concern about becoming a minority in the city whites built but that blacks have largely destroyed, well, they’re right to be “uncomfortable.”
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