Sailer Was Right!—ISIS African American Radicalized By Hollywood
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dualekhalidSteve Sailer recently blogged about the possibility, totally unmentioned in the MSM needless to say, that Hollywood's endless fictitious black-on-white grievance/ vengeance porn movies like Django Unchained might actually be motivating current black-on-white violence.

Right on cue, the Daily Caller's Chuck Ross reports on the now-deleted Twitter account of the improbably-named Douglas McAuthur McCain, the American black killed fighting for ISIS last week:

After watching the 2011 movie “The Help,” which followed a group of black maids working in the South in the 1960s, McCain, who was black, decided that he disliked white people. American Who Died Fighting For ISIS Showed Hate For White People And Gays, August 27, 2014

Emphasis added, expletive deleted.



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