Sailer Review of "Midway" In TakiMag
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Here’s my movie review of Midway in Taki’s Magazine:

‘Midway’: Effective Bang-Bang-Boom-Boom
Steve Sailer

December 04, 2019

Midway is a surprisingly accurate and competent WWII movie about the most thrilling naval battle in American history. While only 38 percent of film critics gave the film a thumbs-up, 92 percent of its audience approved. It doesn’t rank with the best films of 2019, but gay German blockbuster director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) and screenwriter Wes Tooke wrestle a huge amount of history into a lucid and moving tale.

While today it seems inappropriate, even racist, that the USA defeated a Nation of Color in the War in the Pacific (1941–1945), Americans used to be hugely proud of our triumph. Up until Steven Spielberg’s landmark 1998 D-Day movie Saving Private Ryan, Hollywood may have devoted more attention to the U.S. WWII effort against Japan than against Germany.

The first small-type book for grownups I ever read was in 1967 when I was 8: a paperback history of the U.S.S. Enterprise aircraft carrier in World War II. So I have a lot to say about the Battle of Midway.

Read the whole thing there.

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