Russell Pearce Speaks Out in Politico—He'll Be Back
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Russell Pearce has an Op-Ed in Politico on the treacherous bipartisan conspiracy that led to his losing the recall election. This answers a question asked by Lawrence Auster, among others, "If he lost a recall election in which everyone could vote, why wouldn't he lose a general election in which everyone could vote?"

 It took a recall to defeat me

By Russell Pearce, Politico, November 15, 2011

I’d be lying if I said I was not extremely disappointed by being voted out in a recall election. I’m sad to go under these circumstances.

The establishment is attempting to frame my defeat as proof that voters oppose immigration control. Many are insinuating my defeat as a blow SB1070.

But the truth is – as some political observers acknowledge — I probably wouldn’t have lost the race in a normal election. In my previous race, I won with two-thirds of the vote. But given that this was a recall election, various other factors came into play.

First, there was no primary — so my political enemies saw an excellent opportunity to pose a challenge. My Republican opponent was Jerry Lewis, who stated he was opposed to SB1070, supports the DREAM Act and believes illegal aliens do the jobs that Americans won’t.

In a normal election, Lewis would have had no chance in the primary. And with a large GOP registration edge in my district, I would likely have won easily against the Democrat.

The Democrats, however, did not put up a candidate. Instead, the Democratic Party, and left-wing groups like the Service Employees International Union and, all supported Lewis

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