Demographics, The Treason Lobby, And The "Basic Social Unit Of Alabama Society"
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This is from Open Borders lobby think tank The Center For American Progress [Email them]. They apparently don't realize that the "Basic Social Unit Of Alabama Society" is an American family, not two illegal aliens and an "anchor baby."

Oddly enough, this photograph, and the information that 65 percent of the elementary school is now Hisapanic is supposed to be  propaganda against immigration enforcement.

Top 10 Reasons Alabama’s New Immigration Law Is a Disaster for Families

Basic Social Unit of Alabama Society Is Splitting

SOURCE: AP/Jay Reeves

Students sit in the gym at Crossville Elmentary School in Crossville, Alabama. Despite being in an almost all-white town, the school's enrollment is about 65 percent Hispanic.

By Center for American Progress Immigration Team | November 15, 2011

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