Dropouts And Farmwork
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In Federale's post about below about  American-born Hispanics doing work in the fields,  one thing noticeable about the "Raul Lopez, 23," the young first-generation American working in the field is that he's probably a high-school dropout. He

"worked as a contractor for a utility company during the construction boom but is now back in the fields picking cantaloupes.

 "We're still struggling, so we have to go where the work is," said Lopez, whose mother, a Mexican immigrant, just passed her U.S. citizenship exam.[Children Of Immigrants Hit An Economic Ceiling, LA Times, October 30, 2011]

Hispanics frequently leave school early to go to work, and of course dropouts are frequently hitting economic ceilings.

That young man would have a much better chance of landing a construction job if there was more immigration enforcement, and more employers had to use E-Verify.He could pass the E-Verify scrutiny, since he was actually born in America.

Since that's the case, do you think that he would clap and cheer,as African-American workers in a Mississippi factory did, if ICE raided his place of employment and took away the illegals? I doubt it.



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