Dropouts And Farmwork
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November 15, 2011, 06:40 PM
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In Federale`s post about below about  American-born Hispanics doing work in the fields,  one thing noticeable about the "Raul Lopez, 23," the young first-generation American working in the field is that he`s probably a high-school dropout. He

"worked as a contractor for a utility company during the construction boom but is now back in the fields picking cantaloupes.

 "We`re still struggling, so we have to go where the work is," said Lopez, whose mother, a Mexican immigrant, just passed her U.S. citizenship exam.[Children Of Immigrants Hit An Economic Ceiling, LA Times, October 30, 2011]

Hispanics frequently leave school early to go to work, and of course dropouts are frequently hitting economic ceilings.

That young man would have a much better chance of landing a construction job if there was more immigration enforcement, and more employers had to use E-Verify.He could pass the E-Verify scrutiny, since he was actually born in America.

Since that`s the case, do you think that he would clap and cheer,as African-American workers in a Mississippi factory did, if ICE raided his place of employment and took away the illegals? I doubt it.