Rubio Starts Courting Treason Lobby's Funders Early
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"United States" Senator Marco Rubio (R., Cuba) knows who calls the shots in today's Republican Party (and about most everything else in America), and—with visions of moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., in January 2017 dancing in his head—Rubio is moving swiftly to court post-America's power-brokers, beginning with the Wall Street contingent.  As Politico reports, Rubio is looking to add Stephen Schwarzman and Henry Kravis, among other Wall Street high-rollers, to his high-finance fan club—which already includes that paladin of  "conservatism," sodo-matrimony proponent Paul Singer.[Marco Rubio courts Wall Street, By: Ben White and Maggie Haberman, Politico, February 27, 2013]
If one may be forgiven a politically incorrect observation, these gentlemen's surnames might lead one to suspect that they are ethnically afflicted by Ellis Island Derangement Syndrome when it comes dispassionate analysis of what mass immigration is doing to the United States and what benefits, if any, the runaway demographic transformation America is now enduring actually offers real Americans.  That Rubio is chasing such men's dollars so soon says far more than the token enforcement-based objections he pretends to offer to Barack Hussein Obama's enforcement-be-damned, high-speed mass amnesty.  The Republicans' latest Traitor-in-Chief is swiftly making his obeisance to the wing of the Treason Lobby that really has lots and lots of money to spend on dismantling what remains of these ever-less-United States.
Has Rubio made his social call on Sheldon Adelson yet?  If not, expect that meeting to take place very soon.
Still more evidence that within the GOP the open-borders fix is in—and that patriotic Americans need to look elsewhere for a champion of their interests, and their country.

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