Rubio RINO Amnesty To Aid Asylum Fraud
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The Rubio RINO Amnesty has many surprises tucked away. Whether it is for Facebook or criminals, there is much that Marco Rubio needs to hide and he did not do a very good job with the softball questions today on Rush.

Asylum fraud is one of the little surprises stored away. The Treason Bar was able to sneak changes into the Rubio RINO Amnesty that would further enable asylum fraud.

WaPo April 17, 2013 by Suzi Khimm

Inside The Immigration Bill: A Reprieve For Asylum-Seekers

A bipartisan Senate group has agreed on a sweeping legislative proposal that would represent the most ambitious overhaul of the U.S. immigration system in three decades. The Washington Post will be examining portions of the bill on Post Politics in a series of blog entries.

Right now, those who come to the United States seeking asylum face a one-year deadline to apply for a visa. Under the Senate Gang of Eight’s bill, that deadline would be completely lifted — a change that immigration and human-rights advocates are celebrating.

OK, another problem with the immigration issue, even a reporter assigned to cover immigration issues, is that those reporters don't know the slightest bit about immigration law. Suzy Khimm is no different.  

First rule of asylum law. There is no such thing as a visa for asylum. There are non-immigrant visas and there are immigrant visas. But there is no asylum visa. And there certainly are no visas issued to aliens who apply for benefits in the United States, especially not asylum applicants.

Asylum applicants, e.g. those who meet the statutory definition of a refugee but are physically present in the United States, apply directly with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for status as an aslyee. They are not granted a visa. If asylum is granted, after one year they may apply for legal permanent residence. However, at no time do asylees ever have a visa.

Now, back to the story.

The deadline was originally imposed to prevent fraud, but advocates have long complained that it shuts many legitimate asylum-seekers out of the system. “People who are fleeing for their lives are not necessarily thinking what legal avenue you take or box you check,” said Greg Chen, advocacy director for the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Fraud in asylum cases has been an overwhelming problem. Whether it is Somali terrorists, MS-13 gangbangers, or Mexican cops, asylum is usually the first and last resort of an alien with no option to be legally present in the United States.

Previously asylum was for those seeking to flee totalitarian states. The image from the Cold War was those clambering over the Berlin Wall or jumping ship from from East Bloc vessel in a western port. In fact the current definition in law was enacted when Jimmy Carter returned two Russian sailors to their vessel and to certain death in the gulag. But the result has been kritarchs and bureaucrats defining asylum down. Down to Mexican cops who are afraid to do their job, Brazilian homosexuals, lesbians, and transsexuals, or gangbangers who claim they aren't in anymore.

Even so, the year deadline for application is also routinely ignored not only by the immigration courts but also by the USCIS Asylum Office.

USCIS will accept any excuse for failure to file within a year of arrival to the United States. All the applicant has to do is say they did not know about asylum, did not know there was a deadline, or were too afraid to deal with American government officials.

It is all lies. Everyone who comes here to live knows what they need to do. They don't spend thousands of dollars on smugglers or go through the visitor visa process and not know about the asylum process.

Well, some don't, but they are well instructed by the Treason Bar after they are arrested and placed in deportation proceedings. Most asylum claims come years after entry and, more importantly, after they are arrested and set up for deportation. Well, at least when the government was actually deporting aliens. Not so much anymore, except for criminal aliens who claim gang membership or former membership as the basis for asylum. Or even if a gangbanger asked you out on a date.

But the Treason Bar does not want any interference in their asylum scam, like too much debt. So the one year deadline will be ended at their instance.

Of course, that is not all they demand. To fill their coffers the Treason Bar also included language that made all stateless persons eligible for asylum, prohibited "adversarial" interviews by officers investigating asylum fraud, and granted Barack Hussein Obama the authority to designate any group of persons asylum status.

It also curtailed the standards for refusing asylum, ending the prohibition on asylum for terrorists. Now only persecutors on the basis of race, religion, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion can be prohibited from entering under the special Presidential designation of particular groups. So, anything else goes for the "special" refugees, including terrorism.

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