Royal Treason: Prince Charles Praises Hijrah, Or Immigration Jihad
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This is why the entire Anglo-Saxon world is hoping Prince Charles is passed up and William inherits the crown.

In a recent speech, Prince Charles declared:

Normally at Christmas we think of the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder though if this year we might remember how the story of the nativity unfolds, with the fleeing of the holy family to escape violent persecution. And we might also remember that when the prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina he was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship.

Whichever religious path we follow, the destination is the same – to value and respect the other person, accepting their right to live out their peaceful response to the love of God.

[Prince Charles Urges Brits To Think of Muhammad This Christmas, Speaks Out Against 'Aggressive Populism,' Breitbart London, December 22, 2016]

Leave aside the absurd suggestion that the end result of every religion is to "value and respect the other person," especially when Islam is pretty straightforward about the treatment of non-Muslims within its domain. From an immigration perspective, there are two important things to mention here.

First, around Christmas, we often hear absurd stories about the Holy Family being "immigrants" and hoary guilt-shaming about "no room at the inn," the implication that it was some Border Patrol of antiquity hounding the Virgin Mary. But Joseph was leading his family to Bethlehem, according to the Gospel, to pay a tax decreed by Caesar Augustus. Even the Flight to Egypt was from one Roman province to another. And it wasn't ethnic persecution they were fleeing, but a Roman appointed King of the Jews, Herod, who supposedly slaughtered infants because he was terrified one would take his throne. The Christ Child as proto-immigrant Narrative is completely wrong.

But what Prince Charles says about Islam isn't just wrong, but disgusting and treasonous. Leave aside the sad reality that the heir to the British throne must now pay rhetorical tribute to Muslims within his realm. The flight of the Islamic prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina wasn't a flight so the first Muslims could practice their religion, it was the first act of conquest. Hijiraespecially as understood by modern Islamists, is to emigrate as part of a deliberate effort to spread the faith and expand its territory.

Philip Haney, a former analyst with the Department of Homeland Security and the author of "See Something, Say Nothing," explains:

He explained that mass immigration is a doctrine of Islam, known as hijra, to help bring the entire world under Islamic law.

“The type we’re most familiar with is jihad by the sword, but it is by no means the only form of jihad,” he explained. “People who are Muhajirun, people who immigrate to a foreign country for the sake of implementing Islam, receive the same reward in heaven as those who fight with the gun. It’s an implicit understanding. They know from the time they were children, if they immigrate, if they became Muhajirun, they are guaranteed the same reward as the Mujahedeen, the ones who fight with guns.”

Such a tactic can be seen in the dramatic demographic changes in Europe in the past decade, which has witnessed a steady stream of immigrants from Islamic nations who have largely refused to assimilate.

[DHS Agent: West Blind To 'Jihad Through Immigration,' WND, June 7, 2016]

And some Muslim migrants to Europe have been quite open about this objective.

Ultimately, the time of decision for the UK is nearing when it will have to decide whether it will remain a Western kingdom or become a conquered province of the Dar-al-Islam. Under the feckless Charles, unfortunately, I suspect I know what route it will take.


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