One Way to Count Trends in Illegal Aliens: Hispanic Workplace Deaths
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Many government statistics are of dubious reliability, but the ones involving dead bodies are usually somewhat trustworthy. The U.S. government hasn’t been interested in counting illegal aliens in the country, but it just occurred to me that some Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries could be used to get a sense of the number of foreign born Hispanics in the country.

As the graph from the NYT above shows, fatalities among Latin American-born workers dropped sharply with the deflation of the Housing Bubble, falling from 667 in 2006 to 429 in 2009. But after a long recession, undocumented workers appeared to start flooding back into the country in 2015. The BLS observes:

The number of fatally-injured workers born in Mexico rose 22 percent in 2015 to 415 cases from 340 in 2014. Overall, fatal injuries involving foreign-born workers were at the highest level since 2007.
By the way, also from this BLS report:
While women accounted for 43 percent of the hours worked in 2015, they accounted for only 7 percent of the fatal injuries.
For some reason, though, this gender disparity doesn’t get much publicity.

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