Help Keep Saving The Frog
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For several years, a metaphor has been popular in patriotic circles. A frog is sitting in a pot of water that starts out warm, and gradually gets hotter. The idea is to lull the frog into comfort, then helplessness, and then death.

The frog is a stand-in for the historic American people. The racist Left was sure that it was too late for the “frog” to save itself. They had—with great help from the allegedly patriotic GOP—inundated the country with racist, low-IQ, criminal, Third World aliens, thereby diluting the historic nation’s vote. Plus, the Republican Party had for years refused to give the nation any patriotic options, with globalist warmongers being presented as “patriots.”

Both sides were certain the frog was cooked, but lo and behold, in 2016 a political miracle occurred: The frog leapt out of the pot!

Ever since the miraculous election of Donald Trump, both sides have been scurrying after that frog, to force him back into the pot, and finish him off.

We, at, are in the frog-rescue business. No media outlet did more to save the frog, and none is doing more to keep it out of boiling water.

But we need money. Not a fortune. We do more with thousands than other outlets do with millions. Please send a generous donation—whatever you can afford—to

Your posterity will thank you, as will “the frog”!

Thanks in advance for your generous support.


Nicholas Stix

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