Roy Beck: Democrats Better Than GOP Establishment Candidates To Replace Bayh
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Roy Beck writes

Best Bayh Replacement on Immigration? Maybe a Dem Over GOP Candidate Coats or Pence

Sen. Evan Bayh's (D-Ind.) surprise retirement announcement sets up the possibility that the more restrictionist candidate in the general election to replace him may be the Democrat. . .

The Republican darling of the GOP establishment and the media is former Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.). And he is thought to have a strong edge to beat whomever the Democratic candidate is.

But the career immigration record of Republican Coats is a "D" — compared to a "C" for Democrat Bayh.

That compares badly with the three Indiana Democratic Congressmen who might win the Democratic slot. Here they are (with career immigration grade):

Rep. Hill is an especially interesting case.[More]
Of course, grassroots candidate John Hostettler would be better than either of the candidates the GOP Establishment wants to run: see  Bye-bye Bayh And Amnesty. Hello Hostettler And Immigration Moratorium? by James Antle on

We've noticed this before—it's a sign of the bipartisan nature of the problem and the non-partisan nature of organizations like and NumbersUSA. To give you an idea of how this can work out, when Al Gore was a Tennessee Congressman, he had an A- record on immigration, whereas Fred Thompson, an arch-conservative from the same state, had a C.

Of course Al Gore had to change once he went national—and a Democratic immigration moderate might still be part of a Democratic supermajority in a party committed to amnesty, and better at enforcing party discipline than the party of John McCain.

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