Al Gore, Immigration, And National Politics
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Mickey Kaus writes in Slate

Doesn't anybody pander anymore? Still no Democratic presidential contender tapping anti-legalization sentiment on immigration. You'd think someone would seize this potentially vote-rich position. Washington Times speculates that someone could be ... Al Gore.

The Washington Times says this

Americans for Better Immigration, which opposes legalization of aliens, graded Mr. Gore an A-minus for his votes in Congress. The group gave a D to both Mr. Edwards and Mr. Obama, and graded Mrs. Clinton a D-minus.[United on immigration, Democrats divide voters By Stephen Dinan ,April 23, 2007]

Al Gore did have a good record on immigration in his previous life as a white Southern Congressman and Senator, facing the voters of the great state of Tennessee. But he also had a fairly conservative record on gun control and abortion—as a white Southern Congressman and Senator, facing only Tennessee voters.

He had to change all that to get past Democratic primary voters in the national elections, and he duly changed. His Tennessee record is thus irrelevant.

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