Robert Stark interviews Peter Brimelow On Stark Truth Radio
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Peter Brimelow was interviewed on Stark Truth Radio by Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldstein about:

  • Peter’s background in financial journalism
  • Peter’s experience with the conservative movement
  • How Peter and other writers such as John Derbyshire were purged from National Review
  • The history of VDARE
  • Peter’s 1996 book Alien Nation
  • The economic and cultural factors behind mass immigration
  • The Immigration act of 1965 and how it discriminates against Europeans
  • How Mass immigration is a redistribution of wealth from the working and middle classes to the immigrants themselves and the economic elite
  • How the key issue with immigration is the numbers
  • A Progressive case against mass immigration
  • The European Migrant Crisis
  • How Brexit sparked a political realignment, and whether Donald Trump can do the same
  • How if elected, Donald Trump can make a major impact through executive orders and enforcing existing immigration laws
  • Defining conservatism and whether the label has become obsolete
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