Radicalism At The DNC: Black Lives Matters Heckles During Moment Of Silence For Murdered Cops
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There’s have been lots of post-game analyses of the Democrat Convention, but for a five-minute wrap-up of the disturbing irrationality, the discussion of Fox News commenter Tucker Carlson and Islam-critical author Sebastian Gorka is top notch.

Sadly, it’s not Franklin Roosevelt’s Democrat Party any more, since Barack Hussein Obama increased the takeover by the far left. From the welcome to diverse illegal aliens on stage and disrespect shown to a decorated soldier, the current Democratic worldview looks upside down to traditional Americans.

There were many pertinent points made during the Friday conversation of Carlson and Gorka, such as the media hypocrisy of understating the jihad terror of ISIS while blaming white Americans at every opportunity. Both agreed that the left is lying about its fundamental beliefs, such as rights for gays and women while dismissing jihadists daily attacks on those groups.

TUCKER CARLSON: In recent weeks Europe has been rocked by a wave of terror attacks, the threat posed by ISIS remains very high there and also here. The Democrats barely mentioned any of this during the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia. In fact by our count, ISIS was only mentioned about 25 – 26 times over the course of the week. Donald Trump, on the other hand, was mentioned at least 543 times. What is going on here? Joining us now is Dr. Sebastian Gorka; he is the author of Defeating Jihad, The Winnable War. Thanks for joining us.

So I can’t decide whether this is a matter of Democrats don’t understand the threat of ISIS or being unwilling to acknowledge it — which you think it is?

SEBASTIAN GORKA: If you look at the last seven and a half years, I think it has to be the latter, and I want to be careful here, Tucker. I don’t want to lambaste all Democrat voters in America. The DNC is really a function of the left wing machine, and it’s part of a party that’s been captured by the radicals. Just look at what happened: the convocation was booed, the serviceman with a Medal of Honor trying to read the names of his fellow servicemen killed in combat was booed, the female police officer who asked for a moment of silence for fallen police officers was was heckled by the Black Lives Matter. This is this is unbelievable, and and clearly the thing that they’re most concerned about is not ISIS: it’s Donald Trump and global warming.

CARLSON: That and transgender bathrooms. No it’s absolutely right, that as the Republican Party has changed — and it has a lot and we’ve paid a lot of attention to it — the Democratic Party is transmogrified into something I don’t even recognize, that it has been hijacked as you said by wackos. But what is it about ISIS specifically, the Islamic threat more generally, that Democrats don’t want to acknowledge?

GORKA: I think the trouble with ISIS or radical Islam is that its existence, it’s bare existence, countermands the one-world kumbaya, moral relativism and multiculturalism that the Democrat Party has been ramming down our throats for 30 years. If all cultures are equal, if everybody has the same value, then how does this thing called jihadism exist, and why do people shouting Allahu Akbar as they’re running out of a church in Normandy having beheaded a Catholic priest in front of the altar — it’s too much of a smoking gun that disproves the whole argument of cultural equivalency and moral relativism.

CARLSON: I think that’s a really smart point — and not just all cultures are equal, but ours is inferior to every other, and if the most dangerous single group in the world is white male Christians from Idaho, than what the heck is going on in Syria? So if it could be shown that ISIS was being organized here in the United States by white male Christians, the response would be different wouldn’t it?

GORKA: Oh my gosh, could you imagine if there was a threat of this equivalence? Imagine if there were white Christians beheading imams in mosques in America. What would be the reaction then? Would it be about all cultures being equal, and that this person was unemployed, and bullied at school, or a crypto-homosexual taking out revenge? None of the narratives we see today, that actually make excuses for the perpetrators, none of those would be permitted if a Caucasian Christian was doing the same kind of horrific acts.

CARLSON: What I find so baffling — really sincerely baffling — is that the people presumably that ISIS and other radical Islamist hate most would be Western liberals, and aren’t their actions and the way they live a direct rebuke and a threat to the values of the left — to the free exchange of ideas, to personal expression, to gays, to the emancipation of women — I mean why wouldn’t they be deeply offended by this stuff?

GORKA: This is the greatest irony of all, Tucker. If the Caliphate expands — let’s have the horror story that the Islamic state expands and expands and expands — there’s lack of leadership, they acquire weapons of mass destruction and they take over America or they take over the West, guess who’s going to be lined up against the wall first? Not you and I, not god-fearing monotheists that will be killed or enslaved later. The first people to be killed, to be crucified, to be beheaded will be the liberals, the atheists, the homosexuals.

CARLSON: You’re absolutely right. Feminism collides with multiculturalism: it turns out the left takes the side of multiculturalism. Pretty revealing.

GORKA: If you’re into women’s rights, where are the protests in America on female genital mutilation or for the laws in Iran that let allow you to marry a ten-year-old girl. I’ve missed those demonstrations of the DNC. Did you did you see those demonstrations?

CARLSON: Paging Rachel Maddow!

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