Robert Bork On Affirmative Action: “Of Course, It’s Not As Good As Being Black.“
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Affirmative Action quote of the day, from the late Robert Bork, in Slouching Towards Gomorrah (1996 )

There are now 160 federal government preferences alone. The number of state and municipal preferential programs is probably countless, and the private sector also practices affirmative action. Universities routinely practice discrimination in admitting students and hiring faculty. I know young lawyers looking for academic positions who suffer the very considerable handicap of being white males. One of them was told by a law school faculty member on the appointments committee that the school was hiring but had only one place for a white male. At another school, the interviewer looked over the young man's resume and said, “This is very good. You have had two important clerkships, with Bork and then Scalia, and in the Solicitor General’s Office you have argued cases in the Supreme Court. You have accomplished a great deal in a short time.” He paused and then said thoughtfully, without a trace of irony, “Of course, it’s not as good as being black.“


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