Rich White Lady Marries DC Sniper in Prison Ceremony
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Earlier by Sam Francis: Truth Leaking Out: Hatred Of Whites Drove Washington Snipers (2003)

Women who marry imprisoned murderers are a remarkable phenomenon. (Comedienne Tracey Ullman has been getting mileage out of them for decades.) Here’s the latest:

D.C. Sniper’s Jailhouse Bride Is a ‘Trust Fund Baby’ Turned Activist
The Daily Beast
Rachel Olding, William Bredderman
The Daily Beast•March 13, 2020

Lee Boyd Malvo, half of the two-man D.C. sniper team that killed 10 people in 2002, has found his “soul mate” in a wealthy political activist who spent a short amount of time in jail herself following a Black Lives Matter protest.

Malvo, 35, married Sable Noel Knapp, 30, in a low-key civil ceremony in Virginia’s Red Onion State Prison

“Red Onion” is not a particularly intimidating name for a prison. It sounds like the name of a restaurant chain.

on March 6, according to a marriage certificate filed in the Wise County Circuit Court.

Knapp, part of a prominent Iowa family of property developers and power brokers, has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to political causes. However, the self-described “trust fund baby” has spent her adult years passionately advocating for social equality, wealth redistribution, and racial justice.

“She’s really committed to social activism, for sure, and I think she was always looking for ways to make changes,” lawyer Julian Richter, who represented Knapp in 2016 when she was arrested at a Black Lives Matter protest in Maine, told The Daily Beast on Thursday. …

He said she started writing to Malvo about two years ago and began visiting him soon after that.

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