Report: Muslims Rape/Grooming Gang Operating In Harrisonburg, Virginia
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Harrisonburg is a major target for the Treason Lobby and Refugee Resettlement Racket, which is flooding the town and Shenandoah Valley with as many Hispanic illegal aliens and Muslim “refugees” as it can, including sex traffickers and murderers. The area colleges, of course, most notably James Madison University, are helping. The city’s communist Mennonites are helping, too, and a couple of years ago came up these dopey signs a month after Donald Trump was elected [A Message Of Tolerance And Welcome, Spreading From Yard To Yard, by Camila Domonoske, WMRA, December 9, 2017]. They might as well say “we’re ready to raped, robbed, and murdered.”

Anyway, something of an alarming post appeared the other day on, another of the social media platforms one forgets and doesn’t know why he joined. An Iranian immigrant wants to make friends and learn English:

The usual suspects offered lots of likes and help getting up to speed. This guy is most likely telling the truth. He is looking for new friends and help assimilating—at least as much as immigrants assimilate these days. The refugee racketeers, after all, if that’s how he landed here, dumped him in the middle of one of the last Whitetopias in Virginia. Of course, the Refugee Racket-Treason Lobby Combine doesn’t like Whitetopias.

But here’s the thing. In June, a Facebook post reported that a Muslim rape or grooming gang is operating in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The author claimed that “middle eastern men” were slipping Mickeys to girls at a downtown bar and restaurant, then taking them home for a gang rape.

There followed a thread in which the writer confirmed what she had written. An employee replied that the owner notified the cops and nothing more came of it. And the “clientele are mostly POC.”

So no one should be surprised if the rapist/groomers are very real, and they start using to hunt for victims.

Then again, as the Mennonite sign says, “no matter where you’re from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor.”

And the new “neighbors” needn’t worry. If some of them are Muslim rapists and groomers who roofie college girls, the signs won’t change.  The campus and Mennonite communists will still be glad.

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