REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT WATCH Weekly Roundup: States CAN Refuse Refugees Etc.
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Even the Stakhanovite Ann Corcoran is overwhelmed by the flood of refugee news: she's posted her first Refugee Resettlement Watch roundup for a couple of weeks but, as she points out, it was compiled before Paris. Her most popular stories:
  1. Calais (France) migrant camp on fire tonight
  2. Watch the death of Europe in 19 minutes….
  3. Obama lied about his school years and the press shrugged, why the double standard for a conservative black man?
We're also delighted that Ann reposted a Today's Letter from Ed Hunter about I-95 commuters' reception of his pro-Trump banner as they heard the news from Paris. More recently, she's demonstrated that a determined governor could defend his state from Muslim refugees, despite the 1980 Refugee Act (which should be repealed anyway).
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