REDSTATE Permanently Closes Trump Repression Comments: How Long Before 'Streiff' Gets Horowitzed?
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Contrary to the Moderator message I reported yesterday in REDSTATE Extends Trump Repression: Freezes Comment Thread yesterday
Moderator Bill S bad-temperedly announced sometime before 10 AM

Commenting is being closed on this for a few hours. The moderators are mostly in Atlanta and I don’t have time to babysit this thread for a while. Take your comments to Twitter for now. Check back later.

REDSTATE has now posted
Comments for this thread are now closed.
In less than 10 hours starting at midnight and with a very hostile and censorious Moderator REDSTATE readers managed to post 255 comments, mainly furiously hostile. The Management’s response: shut the thread down. Very NeoConservative.

Late last night though, their main dissident “Streiff” posted Donald Trump is not conservative but he is not fringe

There are many who view Trump as an unserious and a fringe candidate whose followers are little more than the 2016 version of Ron Paul’s goofs. National Review nearly has a collective aneurysm at the mention of his name...Fox News set out to sandbag some candidates, and Donald Trump was one of them.
Noting that there is solid Poll evidence that Trump won the Fox debate and that Trump’s support within the GOP community is quite centrist Streiff comments
People are sick and tired of the GOP… they want a candidate who is politically incorrect and who will fight to win. Actually, they want EXACTLY what we here at RedState have been campaigning for since I joined the site in 2004. The problem now is that we have what we want but we’re finding we don’t really want it.
( emphasis) Streiff continues
 …the GOP establishment (for reasons I completely understand), and we here at RedState (for reasons I can’t fathom), are sliding slowly and inexorably towards excommunicating Trump and his supporters. Not because they more loud or obnoxious than any other candidate supporter but because Trump is an unpopular candidate and because a fringe elements of racists are attracted to his views on immigration… not because of what he proposes but because of how he has voiced those views. This is the type of action that gets the GOP, rightly, labeled as the stupid party.
I first noticed Streiff asking taboo questions in Syria: Why Are Boehner And Cantor Defying Base And Ignoring Country? Because They Have ADD! back in 2013. His dissent noted in REDSTATE’s Erickson Goes Full Grovel On Confederate Flag: Draws Brave Dissent is well worth reading.

I see in the comment thread to this essay features REDSTATE Moderator ‘Bill S’ declaring

..the nature of the Trump-worshipper is hate. It takes only 5 mins reading the Facebook comments, Twitter messages and well over 50% of the comments on his diary here to see the bile-filled screeds. It shows the underpinning of the worldview of these people. They are not righteously angry, they are hatefully angry. And I can do without those people….the screeching, anger-driven kooks from yesterday, I have no respect for.
A Jihad has been proclaimed. It is just a matter of time before Streiff gets Horowitzed. Perhaps, like John Derbyshire, in a year or so Streiff will posting on!
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