Rand Paul's Base-Betraying Grovel Futile—Except To Demonstrate NeoConservatism's Arrogant Intolerance
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R Paul Rino

H/T One Old Vet

As Alan Wall noted earlier this week in Rand Paul Rants About "Getting Beyond Deportation"—When Did The GOP Ever Get TO Deportation? this prime example of the rotten 2010 Senate vintage has continued to advocate America lie back and enjoy the Immivasion rape.

He has been doing this a lot recently as I noted in Rand Paul To Texan Whites: Capitulate and Rand Paul To GOP: Capitulate! (My Billionaire Friends Insist.).


Peter Brimelow may well have been right in A Reader Alerts Us To Rand Paul's Awful New Immigration Plan; Peter Brimelow Comments:

My impression of Rand Paul is that he literally hasn't thought about the immigration issue (not unusual for cloistered libertarians) and doesn't really understand it. (In the video linked here, although commendably citing Milton Friedman on the incompatibility of immigration and the welfare state, he confuses green cards with citizenship).

Certainly his once-only raising of the Moratorium issue seems in retrospect to have been an ignorant blunder.

If what was happening over Amnesty/Immigration Surge at present was a conventional bargaining process for compromise and consensus, a Moratorium, like the Birthright Citizenship, would be sensible and valuable chips to put on the table.

But this is not the normal political process. It is an auction.

The overwhelming probability is that Paul, like Romney, has put himself in the hands of Political Consultants. And they, like Divorce lawyers, have asked themselves not how can they best serve their client but but how they can manage the campaign to get rich - like Karl Rove.

From that perspective, Amnesty is the only choice. As Congresscritter Yarmuth boasted, that is where all the money is. Amnesty and Open Borders are strongly favored by Neocon Plutocrats. The sad thing is, Rand Paul ‘s betrayal is futile. The people he is trying to please believe in the principle of Matthew 27:25.

They will never forgive him for his father’s sins

And they feel free to say it

At the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) meeting in Las Vegas this weekend… five donors huddled with a reporter pledged to reach into their deep pockets to ensure Paul doesn’t win the GOP nomination.

“The best thing that could happen is Ted Cruz and Rand Paul run and steal each other’s support,” says one of the donors, “but if not, we’ll be ready to take Paul down."

Several prominent GOP donors at the conference suggested that Adelson, who spent more than $100 million backing Newt Gingrich and Romney in 2012, is likely to spend vast sums against Paul if he appears to be well positioned in the Republican primaries…

Paul hasn’t — and probably will never — win the trust of the pro-Israel community,” says Noah Pollak, executive director of the conservative Emergency Committee for Israel

GOP Hawks Worry Rand Paul Has Too Much Ron Zeke J. Miller Time March 31, 2014

(This despite  yet more groveling

Rand Paul has told top GOP donors that he is “evolving” on foreign policy, particularly when it comes to his positions on Israel, according to several people who have had conversations with him. In recent months he has toned down his opposition to foreign aid — a red flag for most at the RJC…He has also increased his outreach to prominent pro-Israel and neoconservative thinkers and donors to show he is interested in having a dialogue.)

How remarkable it is that members of a small community are so open about using their wealth – and not argument or persuasion – to distort the political process and defy the preferences of the Historic Amercan Nation.

Only in America
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