Can MDMA Make You Racist? "Dude, You Are So in My Ethnic In-Group"
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So "Molly", the psychedelic drug also known as MDMA, makes you racist, a study claims.[The ‘Love Hormone’ Can Make You Hate: Study,Michelle Arrouas, Time, April 4, 2014]

Who knew the ADL and the DEA would find common ground? I guess that's one way to kill sales of the drug so often peddled at Dave Matthews concerts—let it be known amongst the wealthy, white trust fund set that popping the pills could cause head-nodding while reading Sam Francis or Jared Taylor.

There's probably something to it. Other studies have shown that we're all subconsciously quite "racist"—the amygdala lights up like a Christmas tree when whites see blacks (and maybe vice-versa), saying, in a primal way, "Different creature! Be on guard!" Even though higher regions of the brain are saying, "Now, now. We've just been listening to NPR and they've been telling us that racism is wrong."

A chemical substance with the power to accentuate these perfectly normal feelings isn't inconceivable, just as we all might have the potential to throw our arms around a colleague and say "I love you, man,", but only after a few scotch and sodas at office party.

But will the stoner set—and the wider world in general—stop to consider the unlikelihood that any substance creates feelings that were never there to begin with, instead of merely accentuating ones that are very real? In other words, that racial in-group affinity is as natural as locally-sourced organic arugula and steel-cut oatmeal?

Nah. They're too blitzed.

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