A Reader Says Rand Paul Used To Get It About Immigration
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s blog post Rand Paul To Texan Whites: Capitulate

From: A Concerned Reader [Email him]

When Rand Paul was running for Senator against Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway in 2010 he was much better on immigration.

DREAM Act for Illegal Immigrants: Where Is Jack?

Rand Paul Website

 September 22, 2010

BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky – Washington liberals are trying to push through the so-called DREAM Act, which creates an official path to Democrat voter registration for 2 million college-age illegal immigrants.

The DREAM ACT is the Washington elitists’ roundabout way of giving amnesty to illegal immigrant students and undermining the rule of law. [More]

He should still be trying to get the same sort of Middle American voters in Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin.

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James Fulford writes:  Former Vice-President Al Gore, as a Tennessee Congressman, also had a surprisingly good record on immigration. Not only on immigration—he also had a fairly conservative record on gun control and abortion. But that was a white Southern Congressman and Senator, facing only Tennessee voters. Gore had to change, to go into national politics.

Rand Paul may feel he has to change, too. The difference is Gore was changing to please Democratic primary voters, while Rand Paul, if he promotes Amnesty, will be pleasing Republican donors.



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