Rand Paul: Immigration Renegade Of The Year?
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Gregory Hood has a powerful article over at American Renaissance naming Senator Rand Paul "White Renegade of the Year"—first in what is to be an annual series.

Unlike AmRen, VDARE.com is not a White Advocacy webzine, although we think it's a respectable and indeed inevitable point of view. But much of Hood's critique focuses on Paul's Rake's Progress on the immigration issue, which now extends from his early introduction of resolution proposing an end to the Anchor Baby loophole to his endorsing of a massive increase of work permits and a qualified Amnesty on ABC's "This Week" this last Sunday.

My impression of Rand Paul is that he literally hadn't thought about the immigration issue (not unusual for cloistered libertarians) and doesn't really understand it. (In the video linked here, although commendably citing Milton Friedman on the incompatibility of immigration and the welfare state, he confuses green cards with citizenship). At one point, he even appeared to be flirting with the idea of making Amnesty contingent on a moratorium on legal immigration, which would have been ingenious if not optimal but seems to have been an accident.

It is logically possible to combine libertarianism with immigration patriotism, and Paul (like his father) showed signs of doing so instinctively. But apparently this instinct has not survived the pressures of the MSM, left-libertarian bigotry, campaign donors—and, it must be suspected, stupidity.

There aren't all that many left-libertarians in America, but there are a lot of patriots. Even in terms of his own ambition, Rand Paul's turnaround is, as VDARE.com's Washington Watcher said about his father's similar slide, "Worse Than A Crime—A Blunder."

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