BBC Admits To Censoring Immigration Debate—Now That Mass Immigration In Britain Means White Bulgarians
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A political editor at the BBC has confessed to years of bias. He's actually hosting a documentary about it Tuesday night.

But, however many times the BBC may have denied its bias in the past, it was never a secret. You can check out the website, with archives going back ten years, and specifically its coverage of immigration, but it goes back much farther than that.

Nick Robinson: BBC made a 'terrible mistake' over immigration debate The BBC's political editor admits the corporation didn't have a proper debate on immigration in the late 1990s and early 2000s

Nick Robinson Photo: BBC

Nick Robinson, the BBC's political editor, has criticised the corporation for making a "terrible mistake" over its coverage of immigration, admitting it censored concerns amid fear they could trigger racism.

Robinson said BBC figures in charge during the late 1990s and early 2000s believed a "warts-and-all" debate over immigration would "unleash some terrible side of the British public".

He told The Sunday Times (£): "They feared having a conversation about immigration, they feared the consequence."

One-sided reports meant viewer's concerns about immigration lowering wages and threatening jobs were not addressed by the broadcaster.

Robinson, whose new documentary The Truth About Immigration is due to air on Tuesday, said the BBC's audience felt it had "decided these are not acceptable views. And that was a terrible mistake."[More]

The interview the Telegraph is linking to (marked "£", meaning pay archive, but you can see the headline) is this:

Nick Robinson: a big beast grapples with the Bulgarians

The BBC’s spiky political editor says the national debate about immigration has been insulting in its simplicity — but he’s about to change all that

Oliver Thring Published: 5 January 2014


Right. It's about the Bulgarians. Not the Jamaicans, the Pakistani Muslims, the Africans, the Indians...none of that  can be questioned, because they would "unleash some terrible side of the British public". But the Bulgarians are white.

See John Derbyshire: Britain’s Latest Immigrant Invasion Is White (Bulgarian)—Perhaps That Means Something Can Be Done About It, and my own post  Jack Straw Was Only Able To Apologize For Letting In East European Immigrants Because They're White.

Briefly, former Labor Home Secretary Jack Straw was apologizing for letting in this girl:

Eva Wyrwal

But not this man:


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