Treason Lobby Problem: Rand Paul Not Staying Bought?
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Rand Paul: Troubled by facts?

Rand Paul has been a terrible disappointment to Patriots – as I remarked yesterday it looks as if the Treason Lobby (Meat Packing Division) got to him.

Now it seems he is being a disappointment to the Treason Lobby as well. Yesterday he broke ranks:  Rand Paul Calls for Immigration Bill to be Slowed After Boston By Alex Altman Time April
Altman disgustedly reports

Many advocates believe they have a narrow window — roughly until the end of July — to shepherd the bill through the Senate. That gives opponents an incentive to dither…

But if such tactics are expected from the bill’s critics, they are far more damaging when they come from ostensible supporters. On Monday Republican Senator Rand Paul called for the bill to be delayed until the failures that allowed a pair of immigrants to allegedly detonate two pressure-cooker bombs in downtown Boston have been studied, and the solutions incorporated into the legislation.

“We should not proceed until we understand the specific failures of our immigration system,” Paul wrote in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Today Paul appeared on the Laura Ingraham Show. Our Designated Talk Show Listener reports-

Laura began by playing a recording of Rubio arguing that there shouldn't even be a debate on the immigration bill. She asked Paul if he agreed. Paul hesitated, then said that while he supported comprehensive immigration reform, he wanted amendments to improve the Rubio bill. Specifically, he proposes that Congress would have to vote on border security every year for immigration reform to progress. Laura asked what would happen after the Democrats take the House in 2014. What happened is that Paul changed the subject.

Laura asked a series of detailed questions about provisions of the Rubio bill, and in every instance, Paul had a proposed change. Finally, Laura asked if he was going to vote against the Rubio bill, given all the areas of disagreement. The response was a pause. Then Paul said that he hadn't made up his mind because he hasn't had a chance to read the bill. Paul added that all of the conservative House members with whom he has spoken support immigration reform. He also said that we will find a job for anyone who wants to come here to work.

Laura played the tape of Boehner saying the Boston immigrant bombings shouldn't slow down amnesty, and concluded that Boehner was "full onboard". It's apparently anti-Semitic per se to mention the Adelson payoffs to Boehner, Cantor, Romney, Gingrich, et al. on conservative talk radio. emphasis.  Money is indeed the 800lb Gorilla in the 2013 Amnesty war.

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