Raffle To Win July’s Book Club Feature: Facing Reality
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This July, get ready for James Kirkpatrick’s Hot Take on a Hot New Book in a Hot New Month—Facing Reality: Two Truths About Race In America by Charles Murray.

All current subscribers between now and July 7th will be entered to win a copy. [Subscribe here! Raffle winner and discussion questions will be announced on Thursday, July 8th.]

Murray thinks we don’t like his book. [We do! Please note heroic arm in photo above, ready to defend raising these topics: Race, IQ, and Crime.] Maybe with enough encouragement from you readers, we can get him on our Book Club Podcast!

We’re comfortable in saying we have more integrity than Steve Schmidt of the Lincoln Project [they’re still around?], or the NYT, when it comes to book reviews. [Check out our reviews by John Derbyshire, Roger Devlin, Steve Sailer, and Jared Taylor.]

What will you think?  Send us your thoughts at witan@vdare.com.

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