Charles Murray Attacked With Selectively Edited Clips Of His Tucker Interview
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Charles Murray sat down with Tucker Carlson on June 16, 2021 to talk about his new book.

As you can see below, Steve Schmidt (a Lincoln Project Never-Trumper) is promoting this clip by some guy named DeanOfDublin (Dean Wallace, an Irish immigrant who works for CA Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks) taken from Charles Murray's talk with Tucker:

Schmidt's claim that “Scientific racial theory”, apparently invented by  Arthur de Gobineau in 1855 killed 100 million people in the 20th Century is one hundred percent ahistorical (neither the Chinese nor the Russians were reading Gobineau, and Hitler's anti-semitism wasn't "scientific" ) well as "antiquarian". The IQ tests used by the American Armed Forces are a product of modern psychology, and they show the differences that Murray discusses without reference to 19th century Frenchmen.

The thing is, the clip is selectively edited, not only to take things out of context, but to reverse the order in which they're said.

I should say, to correct Murray, that it's not Schmidt who has done this, but original Tweeter Dean Wallace, but it's typical of what happens whenever IQ comes up. [UPDATE: Charles Murray has replaced the tweets which blame Schmidt for the edit with those above; Schmidt is still a moron.]

Schmidt is however responsible for repeating the idea, which Steve Sailer called #1 of Seven Dumb Ideas About Race  over 20 years ago here on

DUMB IDEA #1 If races exist, then one must be supreme.
Much of the Race Does Not Exist cant stems from the following logic (if you can call it logic): “If there really are different racial groups, then one must be The Master Race, which means — oh my God – that Hitler Was Right! Therefore, we must promote whatever ideas most confuse the public about race. Otherwise, they will learn the horrible truth and they'll all vote Nazi.“
Look, this is one big non-sequitur: Of course, there are different racial groups. And of course their members tend to inherit certain different genes, on average, than the members of other racial groups. And that means racial groups will differ, on average, in various innate capabilities. But that also means that no group can be supreme at all jobs. To be excellent at one skill frequently implies being worse at something else. So, there can't be a Master Race.
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