Radio Derb Transcript Up For January 11: Shutdown Speech, Chuck And Nancy, And Buying Education For Illegal Aliens, Etc.
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01m01s  Trump's wall/shutdown speech.  (Some sap, some sense.)

06m29s  Wall obsession: the negatives.  (Ask him! Ask him!)

12m04s  The Chuck and Nancy show.  (Funny-looking people.)

15m52s  The Derbs buy education for illegal aliens.  (A tear-jerker from our home town.)

24m21s  CANZUK omission.  (Why not "Anglo-Saxon-Celtic"?)

25m30s  "Anglosphere" origins.  (Not O'Sullivan.)

26m30s  Gaia still angry.  (North pole on the loose.)

28m05s  Vatican Olympic team.  (Write your own jokes.)

28m55s  Boris Zeldovich, RIP.  (A scholar, gentleman, and supporter.)

30m13s  China to the Moon.  (A poem for the Goddess.)

32m49s  Training ChiCom censors.  (By teaching them stuff no-one's supposed to know.)

35m23s  A fearless dissident.  (My most admired.)

36m32s  Signoff.

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