Radio Derb Transcript Up For April 9: Prince Philip RIP, Winning The Scofflaw Lottery, UK Race Report & MTG, Yeah! (AOC, Pfff!)
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for April 9. Go here to read or listen.


00m37s  Prince Philip RIP.  (Not a bore.)

10m50s  Winning the Scofflaw Lottery.  (Our immigration insanity.)

18m26s  Fox & hedgehog, cont.  (Let a hundred flowers bloom.)

26m27s  Britain's race report.  (Surprisingly sensible.)

33m34s  Peak woke?  (Waiting for the Chauvin verdict.)

35m04s  The 4-day week where(Defying stereotypes.)

38m45s  Damnatio memoriae for ex-cabinet officers.  (The Trump stain spreads.)

40m44s  MTG, yeah!  (AOC, pfff!)

42m18s  Signoff.  (No discharge in the war.)

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