Radio Derb Is On The Air: Austrians Arm Themselves Against Muslim Anschluss, Etc
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Radio Derb is on the air—go here to listen or download the MP3. Sample
Headline from Russia Today: Austrians snapping up shotguns as thousands of Mideast refugees enter country.

The substance of the story is that Austrians are trampling flat the edelweiss in a stampede to arm themselves as young Muslim men pour into their country. You can buy a shotgun in Austria without a permit; for rifles and handguns there is paperwork. Applications for that paperwork have soared; shotguns are walking off the shelves of gun stores.

Austrian women are especially keen to arm themselves, apparently having heard that the Koran sanctions the rape of infidels. There's plenty of room to conceal a SIG 9mm in a dirndl.

As a gun-owning American, I can't repress a pleasant shiver of Schadenfreude here. How many times have we heard Europeans lecturing down their noses at us about our coarse, crude, ungebildet gun culture? Now the hills are alive with the sounds of shooting practice. It's wonderful what a little dash of reality will do.

Shotguns, and pistols, and rifles, and ammo clips?



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