Quote Of The Day:"Mostly Involving Big, Big Beachballs."
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September 03, 2009, 04:51 PM
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Steve Sailer`s post below mentions the fact that it`s unlikely that the populace will give up the myth of the Emperor`s New Clothes just because of the evidence of their own eyes and the voice of a small child—this is from Terry Pratchett`s book Thief Of Time :
And if you want the story, then remember that a story does not unwind. It weaves. Events that start in different places and different times all bear down on that one tiny point in space-time, which is the perfect moment.

Supposing an emperor was persuaded to wear a new suit of clothes whose material was so fine that, to the common eye, the clothes weren`t there. And suppose a little boy pointed out this fact in a loud, clear voice...

Then you have The Story of the Emperor Who Had No Clothes.

But if you knew a bit more, it would be The Story of the Boy Who Got a Well-Deserved Thrashing from His Dad for Being Rude to Royalty, and Was Locked Up.

Or The Story of the Whole Crowd Who Were Rounded Up by the Guards and Told `This Didn`t Happen, Okay? Does Anyone Want to Argue?`

Or it could be a story of how a whole kingdom suddenly saw the benefits of the `new clothes`, and developed an enthusiasm for healthy sports [2. Mostly involving big, big beachballs.] in a lively and refreshing atmosphere which got many new adherents every year, and led to a recession caused by the collapse of the conventional clothing industry.

It could even be a story about The Great Pneumonia Epidemic of `09.

It all depends on how much you know.