Quote of the Day: "Try This With Another Country: `Hello, Indian Embassy...`"
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This is Ann Coulter on immigration as terrorist threat, and liberals unwillingness to deal with it:

This is a country virtually designed for terrorist attacks. America is a big multicultural society full of densely packed cities with large foreign-born popula­tions–and hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. Try this with another country: Hello, Indian Embassy? I would like to emigrate to your country. I have no money, no ambition, and no prospects, but I hear you have a generous welfare program and I want to start a big family and bring my extended family with me, all of whom consider your nation the Great Satan.

Foreigners were relentlessly staging raids on our border, which was defended by a hapless bunch of incompetents at the Immigration and Naturalization Service. But the only complaints about the INS came from conservatives. Liberals view their own noncompliance with immigration laws as a sort of friendly-neighbor program. They think America is a department store, and that no one can be denied entry. Los Angeles police officers are expressly prohibited from even ques­tioning suspects, witnesses, or crime victims–anyone–about their immigration status. When he was the avenging law and order mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani bragged about the city's refusal to cooperate with the INS in turning over illegal immigrants. His succes­sor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, believes the greatest threat to public safety in New York City is passive smoke. Bloomberg would only crack down on illegal immigrants if he caught them smoking.[Ann Coulter, Treason.2003]

When Peter Brimelow was writing Alien Nation, he did check with the Embassies of Foreign countries, and getting mostly negative responses, and the Indian Embassy was special:

My favorite was India.. When we called them up, the first official we got said, "Are you of Indian origin?" When we said no, he said "Submit your question in writing to the Embassy" and then he hung up!

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