Quote Of The Day: "Put Aside Their Differences And Focus On What's Really Important—Hating White People!"
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It's time that African-Americans and Korean-Americans put aside their differences and focus on what's really important: hating white people! –Margaret Cho

More than 36,000 Americans died in the Korean War so that Margaret Cho's parents could have the freedom come to America.

Unfortunately, they did not quite make it to America, but ended up in San Francisco, where it's normal to make that kind of joke. Cho [Email her] is being foolish here—most white people like Koreans. Most blacks hate Koreans, and frequently abuse them verbally and physically. And the differences between a group that works 18 hours a day in convenience stores to put its children through college so they can become surgeons, and group that derives a large part of its income from welfare, are not the kind that can be put away easily.

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