Tea Party Express Takes the Bus
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On the voter anger front, the Tea Party Express bus is making its way across 34 cities in 16 days (map and schedule). Below is a Fox News report from the early stops in Sacramento and Reno. The good news — it's happening. Voters are sick to death of Washington dismantling the country and its principles, and they are showing their fury. The bad news — there are no immigration signs. What's up with that!?

Hey, can we get some friends of border and workplace enforcement out there representing this vital issue? VDARE.com readers certainly know the connections between border anarchy and job loss, higher taxes, skyrocketing healthcare costs, bad schools, depleted resources, etc. ad nauseum.

Incidentally, on April 15 I was in Sacramento for the Tea Party with my colleague Rick Oltman toting our giant check of illegal immigration's financial cost (below), and we got plenty of positive reaction from the other angry citizens. (See my article Thoughts on the Sacramento Tea Party.)

Following is a list of the cities being visited. See this link for details of individual places and times.

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