Question For Marco Rubio: Where Is Border Commission With Teeth You Promised?
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H/T One Old Vet

Over at RedState, the redoubtable Daniel Horowitz has posted a scathing piece Egregious Ads and Polls from Mark Zuckerberg’s Front Group

If you’ve been watching Fox News or listening to talk radio this week, you’ve been subjected to the most nauseating duplicitous ads ever unleashed on conservatives. Ubber-leftist Mark Zuckerberg’s Orwellian-front group, “Americans for a Conservative Direction,” which is run by Arlen Specter Republicans, is running ads calling the 867-page immigration deform bill “the toughest immigration enforcement measures in the history of the United States”...The ad shows Marco Rubio discussing all the triggers and qualifications for amnesty, even though he has now admitted that they need to be strengthened...

Horowitz goes on to analyze the pollaganda techniques employed.

Mark Zuckerberg of course is a disgustingly selfish threat to America – yet another one. My question though is how can Marco Rubio retain any credibility? What happened to the Border Commission promise he made to several Talk Show hosts  three weeks ago, which I discussed in Mickey Kaus Concurs With Rubio Lied To Talk Shows On Border Commission Thursday?

Answer: with MSM connivance this lie has gone down the Memory Hole

I applaud commenter ‘raginpatriot

It is shocking how quickly Rubio went to the dark side. I suppose that the GOP establishment is salivating at a Bush-Rubio ticket or some similar concoction, thinking that Rubio taking credit for amnesty will bring in Hispanic voters in 2016. If this occurs, they'd better hope that they woo enough to offset the massive "stay home and skip the election" that'll occur amongst the base (including me).

(My emphasis)

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