Q. How Do You Know It's Autumn? A. When Crops Start "Rotting In The Fields"
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Q. How do you know it's Autumn?

A. When the media starts its annual round of credulous stories about how crops are going to rot in the fields because of not enough cheap illegal alien labor so we need a bigger Guest Peasant program to alleviate the looming shortage/crisis.

NorCal Farmers: 'We Don't Have Enough Workers' Produce May Rot In Fields SAN JOSE, Calif. — Farmers in and around the Bay Area are starting to feel the pinch from tighter border security and visa requirements, NBC11's Daniel Garza reported Monday. Some farmers told Garza they expect some of their fields to remain unpicked. Some said they believe their fields will end up filled with rotting produce. The Bush administration has learned of the possible loss of millions of dollars for thousands of farmers throughout the country, and is attempting to loosen visa requirements for workers.

I took a comprehensive look at this genre of annual news story exactly one year ago today in VDARE.com during the Great Pear Crisis of 2006: "Pearanoia." As you have no doubt noticed, nobody in America has eaten a pear in over a year. Larry Ellison bought the last pear in the world at a Sotheby's auction in June and keeps it on display in a crystal vault at Oracle headquarters.

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