J.D. Hayworth Replies To Richard Nadler In The WSJ
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Nadler is the guy who wrote Immigration Losers: A new study shows the heavy price the GOP paid for "get-tough" border politics,[WSJ, October 2 2007]—the article that Ramesh Ponnuru liked. He's also the guy who wrote a piece in NRO claiming, one more time, that Bush got 44 percent of the Hispanic vote, which I keep trying to tell people is a landslide the other way. It's not easy to get a letter published in the WSJ, but Hayworth managed it. Read the whole thing—it's free.

Combine that historical pattern with the dwindling popularity of President Bush in 2006, and Mitt Romney's inverse sports analogy rings true: "Voters couldn't fire the coach, so they fired some of the players!"

In Arizona's Fifth District, my electoral defeat came not from my advocacy of "enforcement first," but from the voters' frustration that our immigration laws were not being enforced. My opponent successfully exploited that frustration, paying lip service to enforcement in his television ads with the poll tested phrase, "We must secure the border!"Historical Revisionism on Immigration Issue - WSJ.com

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